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At a Glance: 2018/19 Thoroughbred Owners Statistics

Owners make the racing world go around. It is where it starts and it's where it ends. Some say once you get into your first horse, you can never go without one. Horse ownership has continually spread it's roots and has gone from the 'Sport of Kings' to 'Anyone can own a horse'. An owner can now own less than 1% of a thoroughbred animal. What a time to be alive!

Today we are going to dissect last years owners statistics and trends as presented in the Racing Australia Fact Book 2018/19. As you can observe below, thoroughbreds with 10+ owners has tripled in the last 10 years. Due to syndication and new large partnership structures, we can expect those trends to grow in coming years.

Last year saw the highest number of registrations by owners born outside of Australia. Overseas interests are becoming more prominent in our national sales and as the prices continue to rise, their hands at the sales seem to as well.

Australian horse ownership and syndication is a growing sector of the industry. The density of the market is beginning to expand and businesses are working harder than ever to retain clients. NSW and VIC continue to dominate the percentages with almost 50,000 owners located in both states. What is surprising is the domination of Victorian-based syndicated in comparison to it's northern counterpart. Victoria have formed almost half of Australia's thoroughbred syndications.

Now let's focus on some data. The nitty gritty. This is the stuff that assists in audience building and marketing focal groups. We can see the majority of owners sit in the 26-75 age bracket in all states. What is interesting to note is that owners aged 26-50 has steadily risen over the past years in NSW but has begun to plateau in other states. This should be taken into account when pondering the question, should we expand? should we buy more?

Now what to do with this data? How can we utilise past statistics and trends to benefit us? It depends on what we are selling and to what demographic. an $8,000 Australian yearling will attract different audiences to a $350,000 European import. How can businesses sell to the right clientele?

We have done the research. We have analysed market trends on how to sell more faster and more efficiently. What if we told you that you could promote your advertisements using engaging content and smash the correct audiences (and no, not just Facebook demographic audiences) on the most effective platforms. We are talking data-driven targeted ads.

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Source: Racing Australia: Fact Book 2018/2019 published by Racing Australia in December 2019.

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