• Gab Sutherland

Growth Mindset in the Thoroughbred Industry

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The year is 2020. Netflix is the new TV. Social Media has the stronghold on business advertising and pop up businesses are creating new avenues for growth. This is clearly the case in the thoroughbred industry. New training partnerships are forming and younger more prominent trainers are appearing and delivering. Through the correct use of digital marketing, new businesses are gaining a stranglehold on the digital market where others falling behind.

Why is this the case?

With so many tools at our fingertips and digital strategy available. The long old case of word of mouth isn't getting us as far as we want to. With a new generation of investors in the industry, the ability to reach the majority of them comes mainly through digital portals, e-mails and online awareness through social media platforms.


Every business has huge potential for growth. Don't underestimate the possibilities available. It takes hard work, an ounce of luck at times and the correct strategy.

It is imperative that businesses and individuals draw a mindset that allows strategic grow on a long-term scale and hit short term objectives. Build a plan, outline those objectives and go after them.

As Sale2Stable delves into the in's and out's of the marketing within the thoroughbred industry with the assistance of Marketing Strategist and Industry Power Mitchell Greenway, we are able to assist with any enquiries and questions regarding strategy and current market climate.

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