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5 Misconceptions of Digital Marketing

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Digital Marketing in the Thoroughbred Industry is imperative for business growth no matter which sector of the industry you belong to. Here we outlay 5 misconceptions regarding the industry in regards to strategic marketing and planning for growth

1. Only big businesses need to market

While big businesses are known for taking advantage of a wide range of marketing strategies, including digital marketing, small businesses can also harness their digital potential. Paid strategies through SEO and Social Media are a few different ways small businesses are leveraging off the tools at hand. Digital Marketing tends to be low cost in comparison to the traditional form of print media and is highly more accessible for target groups.

No matter whether you have 30 plus staff or you are a bustling sole-trader, there are options available for any business large or small.

2. You don't need to promote your products all the time

This can be true some instances. However if the product doesn't sell itself what will? And are you willing to pay the cost? Employing a tactical digital marketer could prove very cost-effective and more often than not, they are driven to gain you and your business the results you need. For e.g. Sale2Stable does not enter any contractual agreements to ensure if the service isn't working for you, you don't need it. We want results as much as you!

3. All advertising is good advertising

We wish this was the case! We have seen so many times, competitors of our clients use blanket marketing for products. As this might reach an audience, it might not be the best one. Your business may attract 100's of visitors but how many are viable clients. Set your target market, build the best strategy to reach them and convert those leads to conversions.

4. Search engines are useless to my business

Millions and millions of Australians use internet searches everyday to find the products they want. When businesses have no idea about SEO and how advantageous it could be for their business. Optimising marketing strategies for both search engines and social media are a good way to harness the correct audience.

5. Marketing is expensive

As digital media continues to spread through the industry, we often tend to cover our eyes and use the strategies that come naturally. Money is the reason we hire digital marketers in the first place right? So what is the cost?

Often you see generic agencies setting a general fee for businesses per month. We at Sale2Stable are different. We identify not only where we can help, but we identify your strengths and ways to harness those strengths and display them where they need to be seen. This way, we don't sell services you don't need and we provide services that will allow for development and growth. Cost-Effective for both sides.

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